Service & Installation Fees

Each project is unique, but most of our services and installation are considered standard if the following conditions are present. 

Filter Change Labor: $95.00- $135.00

The standard labor price for reverse osmosis filter change is $95.00 + filter prices + sales tax and additional parts if required. 


Standard Installation: $125.00

 - Exposed plumbing under the sink with functional shut of valves. 

- Sufficient space under the sink to install the water filtration system.

- Sufficient space available on the kitchen sink to drill a dedicated hole for drinking faucet. 

- Available cold-water supply and drain line in the area of the new installation if the system is not being installed under a kitchen sink or a kitchen Island sink. 



Ice Maker Installation: $95.00- $450.00

Please keep in mind that the system has been designed to deliver water from under the sink to the dedicated faucet on the sink. It is very common to extend a line to the refrigerator’s ice maker. In such cases, there might be a need to install an additional storage tank or a delivery pump to provide better pressure for the ice maker to perform properly and have adequate water pressure on refrigerator’s dispenser. Ice maker line can be installed from under the house (if crawl space available) or install under the kitchen cabinets toe-kick area.  If the line is installed under the house more steps need to be considered to avoid issues such as rodent chewing the ice maker line. 


Water Softener Installation 

We encourage you to contact us for water softener installations, so we can send one of our team members to provide you with a price quote. The water softener installation fee may very due to many reasons such as access to electricity, a municipal drain line and the location of the main water supply line entering the house. In some cases, the water inlet needs to be diverted to the side of the house before a water softener can be installed. The different situations in the property design can affect the installation price, therefor we always recommend one of our installers to inspect the installation site before providing any pricing.   


1/2" Granite Drilling: $45.00

If the kitchen counter is installed over the kitchen sink, a dedicated hole must be drilled. We will be able to make that hole on your granite counter top. A liability waver must be signed before our technicians can make the hole. You can also ask a granite installer to make the hole before we arrive for installation. 

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