Two Stage Big Blue Whole House Sediment/Carbon Filtration System

Benefits and Applications:

  • Reduce fine particles, rust, and sediment for cleaner and clearer water.
  • Chlorine-free water for softer skin and smoother hair after every shower.
  • Chlorine free showers, perfect for your skin and hear.
  • Removes/ reduces harmful chemicals and organic compounds (VOCs) in tap water.
  • Protect and prolong the life of appliances, fixtures, pipelines and drains.
  • Clean, clear, odorless water perfect for beverage shop owners or small restaurants.
  • Improved water quality, completely odor-free for all your water needs.

This system has two 20" big blue filters to efficiently treat a variety of water concerns. This system is best to be used as point-of-entry. The system will filter out sediment, chemicals and chlorine to deliver clean and safe water to all of your water fixtures.  Uniquely designed for versatile use to meet all of your large capacity filtration needs. Suitable for simple whole house filtration, light commercial use or industrial applications.

The first stage contains a 20” Sediment filter which will suspend dirt, sand, silt, scale and rust particles up to 30 microns. The second stage contains a 20” coconut carbon that effectively adsorbs chlorine, odors, taste and organic compounds. This system has been designed to provide fast flow rates and low pressure drops to fixtures. This combo filter is a highly versatile and durable water filtration system that will provide you with odorless, clean and clear water throughout all of your water faucets.

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